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  • who we are

    Quotevine is a technology business that provides a suite of SaaS solutions to digitise asset and automotive finance. We connect the dots for the web of partners and providers in the asset and automotive finance industries, allowing our clients to bring their operations into the digital age and keep pace with their customers’ changing expectations.


    Our team is made up of both automotive and asset finance specialists. We use our combination of technical and industry know-how to solve familiar industry problems and spot inefficiencies that have not yet been addressed.


    Our first-hand experience of legacy constraints, coupled with a digital-first mentality allows us to deliver the expertise of a large business with the creative agility of a start up.

  • who we serve


      Quotevine's solutions serve both the Asset Finance and the Automotive Finance industries. We have solutions for finance houses, lessors, brokers and OEMs.


      The key benefits of our solutions include:

      • Increased process efficiency through digital mid and back-office
      • Improved customer origination experience
      • Improved customer service
      • Consistent and complete enterprise pricing
      • Faster underwriting decisions
      • Reduced time to market for new products
      • The flexibility to innovate quickly
    • the team

      Some of the people who design, build and execute Quotevine solutions.

      Daniel Layne

      Founder and Chief Technical Officer

      Daniel has 17 years experience designing multi-million pound systems for blue-chip automotive funders, providing technical consultancy and guiding projects from inception to delivery. He loves using Quotevine to bring big company features to automotive businesses of all sizes.


      When not working on Quotevine, Daniel likes to cycle, read and play with his three delightful daughters, Megan, Maia and Arlo.

      Rebecca Duckworth

      Chief Sales Officer

      Rebecca joined Quotevine after a successful 20-year career in Digital Banking, helping to revolutionise customer interactions for some of the largest banks in the US and Europe. Rebecca is responsible for driving sales excellence at Quotevine.


      Outside of work, Rebecca likes travelling, looking after her two dogs Charles and Truffle and enjoying London life!

      Sara Blair

      Development Manager

      Sara studied Mathematics with Information Systems and was one of the earliest adopters (2003) of the framework Quotevine is built on. She is now responsible for managing the development Quotevine: expanding existing capabilities and bringing new functionality to life!

      Sara works just as hard bringing up her two young children, Abbie and Sully. She enjoys cooking, walking the dog and reading - when the chance arises!

      Gemma White

      Graduate Project Manager

      Gemma joined the Quotevine team after studying French & Linguistics at Pembroke College, University of Oxford. She is PRINCE2 Practioner qualified and has experience of running projects using Agile methodologies.

      Gemma is a keen rower: so when not at work, is found either training, planning training or preparing food to fuel her training (though she enjoys spending time with her family too)!

      Stephen Blair

      Lead Web Developer

      Stephen is a designer and programmer and has been developing digital content professionally for nearly 17 years. His expertise helps us manage the Quotevine user interface as well as design and develop great looking and performing web properties for our customers. 


      When given the opportunity, Stephen enjoys cycling, cross country walks with his dog and spending time with his family.

      Ron Simpkin

      Oracle Developer

      Ron has been developing and consulting on the Oracle platform for nearly 20 years. He has extensive experience with systems integration with multi-national companies in a variety of sectors, all of which helps Quotevine integrate well with other solutions.


      Outside of work, Ron enjoys playing with micro-controllers, picking up heavy things, martial arts, and spending time with his family.

    • partners and technology

      Quotevine’s services are built with only the best technology partners and platforms.

    • our products

      Quotevine offers a wide range of solutions for asset and automotive finance.

      The Platform

      The Quotevine platform is the foundation for all of the functions in the overall solution. The platform includes the base technology, ORACLE database set up, production and testing environments, API connectors for multiple functions, email/SMS communication, document preparation, e-signatures and networking for internet accessibility whether for desktop of mobile. The platform houses the new optional functions such as SMART document capture and reading, mobile optical character recognition for KYC, and Open Banking API management. The platform facilitates the exposure of the specific functions and business logic for each of the modules to operate.


      The Quotevine platform is the foundation on which to run your business.

      Digital Origination

      The Digital Origination module provides the internet and mobile access (tablet/phone) for your clients (customers, brokers, ad guarantors) to enter proposals, pass appropriate documentation and give consent to multiple checks and data like credit and bank account data. It provides a way for the client to communicate with the underwriter, the support staff, and the sales team. The module allows for contextual automation of the proposal where appropriate whilst retaining the ability to support multiple formats and other non-standard approaches for data input (i.e.: email, fax, scans). The mobile version will allow for OCR technology and use of the phone camera to upload documents and data. In the future we will look to have recommendations and alerts through the module, SMS/email to help with service, cross sell, upsell, and loan renewal.

      Credit Decisioning

      The Credit Decisioning module provides the underwriting team with a smart and comprehensive dashboard to streamline the decisioning process. The data and predictors included but not limited to are:

      • CAP Data
      • Customer Credit Data
      • Customer Bank Data through Open Banking
      • Customer KYC data through OCR
      • Document relevant data captured through SMART capture and machine reading
      • Any other data needed to support the decision process

      The credit decisioning tool is directly integrated into the core lending system for ease of booking and managing the loans and leases.

      Customer Service

      The Customer Service/CRM module provides your support staff with a unique dashboard and access into key information provided in the proposal process, current loans/leases, and renewal data. This dashboard is also linked with the credit decisioning tool, the origination tool, the risk tool, the compliance tool, and the sales enablement tool. The support staff can communicate through the system using email/SMS communicating with customers/brokers, underwriters, risk and compliance staff. This module will integrate with the recommendations module to help the support staff with policy updates, support issues, and any other client related alerts that they need to act upon. This is an integral part of your lending support and the system is agile, modern, and easy for your staff to learn and operate.

      CORA (Enterprise Calculations)

      CORA is our enterprise pricing and quoting suite. It has rich functionality which can be accessed over a secure RESTful API and/or via a mobile-first web user interface.


      The CORA API gives the ability to move your organisation away from multiple, disparate calculation engines towards a fully-optimised model where every application and function in the business uses exactly the same, industry-standard verified calculations.


      Having your own calculations microservice makes innovation easy. No longer will you be constrained by the need to develop calculation functionality for new products: instead simply connect securely to CORA and develop your new product around the tried-and-tested calculation output.

      Data Hub

      The Data Hub is module that calls on new technologies to decrease the friction in the data flow from the customer and/or broker to the funder, thereby increasing efficiency in the proposal capture and credit decision processes.


      The principle of the Data Hub is to use data sources, both public and private to remove as much keying of information as possible from the entire workflow. Each data source is plugged into the data hub using a discrete integrator – giving Quotevine customers the flexibility to specify exactly which integrators they need. Examples of the possible integrators:


      • CRA
      • Identity Verification
      • Companies House
      • Insurance Databases
      • Asset Registers
      • OCR/Machine Reading
      • PSD2 (Open Banking)

      Risk Management

      The risk management module provides a comprehensive dashboard for your risk management team including deal and client data relevant to risk. This module interfaces with the credit decisioning, customer support, and the compliance modules to provide a clear picture for the risk decisoning and management. As well the recommendations module will deliver red flags and RM based alerts to the RM team on the dashboard. The tool will create a clearer picture of the book’s risk, and allow for consistency, efficiency, reduce risk, and increase cost savings.


      The Compliance module supplies your compliance officer with a comprehensive dashboard of deal, proposal, decisioning, and client data. This will allow for more consistent data when trying to remain in compliance with current and future regulations. This module will integrate and communicate with the credit decisioning module, the customer support module, the risk management module, and core lending system data. Lastly, recommendations will send alerts through the dashboard on red flags for compliance to investigate. This tool will create efficiencies and improve cost savings.

      ADA (Sales Enablement)

      The newly launched module is a mobile application designed with smart tools to enable your sales team to become more productive. The first problems that we are solving for are the time it takes for the sales teams to produce fleet leasing quotes, the extremely manual nature of the process, and the inconsistency in the deals. The application allows the sales team to in real time iterate with the client to create fleet lease proposals.


      It was intuitively designed to incorporate as many of the data points (prefilled and integrated) to minimise client data input and remove friction from the customer journey. It currently includes the CAP (MSRP) data, government tax data, pricing parameters, and manufacturers discounts. and allows the sales rep to enter the client manufacturer discounts. The application will compute the quotes and then send alert SMS/email based to the client and rep and they can download the ratebook immediately.


      It has been designed modularly to allow for the additional tools needed for sales enablement to include but not limited to brochures and videos, industry news, collaboration/social media, and communication tools. The application will evolve with your sales team and their needs.

    • customer success

      We take pride in staying laser-focused on our customer's needs.

      1pm plc - Asset Finance

      1pm PLC Unifies on Quotevine

      After a series of acquisitions, 1PM PLC found itself with a number of different, and old, front and middle-office systems. Quotevine unified and modernised the credit origination and management experience across the whole group.

      Toyota Financial Services - Automotive

      Quotevine Enables New SME Direct Channel

      TFS wanted a solution to allow their agency partner to easily manage opportunities being delivered to their new direct SME finance offering. Quotevine quickly and efficiently facilitated this need without any TFS IT involvement.

      MotoNovo Finance - Automotive

      Optimising Wallet Share using Quotevine

      MotoNovo wanted a strategic solution to enable a new product launch focused on optimising wallet share of their existing customer base. Quotevine was able to meet the commercial and technical requirements quickly and get the product launched within months.

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